Sacred Sites

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Sacred Sites PDF ebook download Hawaii is an island paradise, a place of perfect golden beaches, lush rainforests, beautiful flowers, vibrant colours and sweetly fragrant air. It is also a place of spiritual pilgrimage, where visitors are transformed by the sacred earth energy running through the land, the cleansing power of the sparkling ocean and rainbow-drenched waterfalls, and the rich spirituality of the Native Hawaiians, who are reclaiming their lost traditions and sharing the old knowledge with a new generation.

Within the pages of Sacred Sites: Hawaii, you will:
◊ Explore the islands, from hidden temples and ancient places of refuge to tropical beaches of white, black, green and gold sands.
◊ Experience the magic of watching the sunrise from the top of a volcano before hiking through its crater, and feel the joy of swimming with wild dolphins and taking part in ancient rituals under a full moon.
◊ Learn the fascinating history of Polynesian settlers, native kings and queens, hard-working immigrants and shamanic wisdom keepers.
◊ Meet Pele, the volcano goddess who adds to the size of the islands with her fiery eruptions, and work with this energy of creation.
◊ Absorb the essence of aloha, the spirit of love and acceptance, and a guiding principle for living in harmony with each other and the earth.
◊ Connect with the healing energy of Hawaii, and its power to open you up to the magic of the earth, from wherever you are in the world.
◊ Read an interview with angel therapist and healer Doreen Virtue about her love for Hawaii.

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