Blue Jeaned Prince

PDF-file by Vivian Leiber

Blue Jeaned Prince PDF ebook download Mills & Boon Sweet series promises love affairs to last a lifetime… for Richer, for Poorer

This pampered princess was a royal pain in the heart!

Clay DeVries had carried a torch hell, a five-alarm blaze for Jewell Whittington since high school. But he'd never expected to be more than a royal subject to the deb. Now, he was her boss and she was turning into a mighty fine gas station attendant.

After being swindled out of her fortune, and in desperate need of a manicure, the last person Jewell needed was Clay. But he was the only one offering her food nachos and pop and shelter his bed, with him in it! Still, Jewel was far from trading in her blue-chip life for swaggering albeit sexy blue jeans .

eBook Blue Jeaned Prince

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