Yes! God Loves You More Than You Know

PDF-file by Mike E. Jackson

Yes! God Loves You More Than You Know PDF ebook download From the President of LEGACY, Mike shows us that we will never know our true meaning, purpose, and identity in life until we begin to understand and embrace God’s majestic attribute of love!

This new book by Mike Jackson, the founder of the International Legacy Institute, was written in response to the many heartfelt comments voiced from Christians and non-Christians alike - especially from teens on college campuses.

In “YES- God Loves You More Than You Know”, Mike desires to combat the spiritual, intellectual, and emotional problems prevalent today more than ever in the Church such as lack of: discipleship, personal identity, purpose, parenting skills, family connections, and authentic fellowship. With Mike’s theological, apologetic, and now counseling training, he maintains that over 90% of all personal growth issues stem from a misunderstanding of the nature of God. If God is the greatest of all ideas, and love is one of His most voiced mandates, then a study God and His love should be a top priority to embrace who God is, who we are, how God provides for us, and how we should relate to others.

There are many golden nuggets quoted in this book- here is just one: "If you don’t feel loved, then you don’t lack love, you lack a proper view of God’s love." –Tozer

1. “Surprisingly, I would say it might be the best book I've read on this topic even though it was incredibly small." - A. Shuler

2. "Wow- I had re-read it twice to digest all the insights." - Darlene from MD

3. "I read it over and over. Many times I had to stop and think on the deep gold nugget I found in the book. I couldn't put the highlighter down." - N. Parrott

eBook Yes! God Loves You More Than You Know

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