Vassalord, Volume 1

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I'm in loooooooooooove!!!!!

Charles the blond one (alias, Cherry! OMG Johnny call him Cherry! HOW CUTE IS THAT????) and Johnny Rayflo are two vampires, and OMG I'm in love with both and I READ JUST THIS FIRST VOLUME!

This Shojo already captivate me with its wonderful art, but also the angst between Charley and Johnny! It's (for now) very tamed as art, but I'm hoping there will be more explicit scenes between Cherry and his Master!

Amazing and can't wait to read more!

Some parts is just so amazing I could keep looking at it for hours, and would never get tired

The art is superb!

Best phrase:

Oh yeah! I'm your fuck'n master!

(Johnny to Cherry, and hell yeah... the double meaning is very obvious)

They are lovely, don't you agree??

eBook Vassalord, Volume 1

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