The Accidental Apprentice (Accidental Magik, #1)

PDF-file by Anika Arrington

The Accidental Apprentice (Accidental Magik, #1) PDF ebook download Brilliant and ambitious, Rezdin the Wizard has one goal: impress the king, but he answers to Baron von Dappenshien who refuses him access to Court. Before Rezdin can maneuver himself into the limelight, the king charges von Dappenshien for treason, and Rezdin goes to ground. The wizard finds himself dependent upon the wits and good will of a starving street urchin. But what can he offer little Tommy in return? When old dangers and new alliances rear their menacing heads, Rezdin must decide where his true loyalties lie, and what to do with his new-found entourage of one.

eBook The Accidental Apprentice (Accidental Magik, #1)

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