The Coast Of Maine

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The Coast Of Maine PDF ebook download The quirkiest and most charming history/guide to Maine that I have ever encountered! I adore my home, the whole of Maine, and I discovered so many bits of history and places that I haven't yet explored. The author has clarity, instinct and some fair amount of opinionated sass. Here's a quote (from section on Bath) to make you want to go out and find this book (somewhat challenging, I found my copy at Merrill's locals): "Nowadays the ships are usually christened with a bottle of champagne. In the early days it was rum, the common beverage on all social levels, distilled locally on Winnegance Creek. Rum continued to be customary until the dreary days of national prohibition, when the distraught builders had to look for a suitable substitute. They hit upon Poland Spring Water, as at least being of Maine origin. This strikes me as a sorry and emasculate travesty of a once robust and symbolic ceremony. Poland Spring Water indeed! Some day when I have nothing better to do, I'm going to check on the records of some of the ships launched under this feeble auspice. I'll bet none of them ever amounted to much." I wonder if she ever did pursue this idea...Anyway, if you love Maine seek this one out!

eBook The Coast Of Maine

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