Dragons and Unicorns

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Two strange creatures many believe once existed until modern times. An inspiring work the entire family will enjoy with dozens of illustrations. We fear them, revere them, wish we could have them do our bidding. They live in our dreams and haunt our nightmares. Dragons and Unicorns are the magical beasties recognized throughout the world.

Ernest Ingersoll and Odell Shepard take us beyond folk lore and legend to an invisible realm where such creatures are part of our everyday reality. Are they figments of the imagination? Misinterpretation of ordinary creatures seen under unusual circumstances? Or symbolic of some global Mystery School?

The Unicorn, was it a magical creature? Says Odell Shepard: "The Unicorn horn preserved a man from the arrow that flieth by day and the pestilence that walketh in darkness, from the craft of the prisoner, from epilepsy, and from several less dignified ills of the flesh not to be named in so distinguished a connection. In short, it was an amulet, a talisman, a weapon, and a medicine-chest all in one. Small wonder that such a wand as this in the days when such things were appreciated sold of twenty times its weight in gold, and that one alone, was 'worth a city.' Small wonder that perfea sticks like this was to be seen only in the treasure-chambers of popes and emperors and kings..."

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