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THE MASTERY OF MASTERY PDF ebook download How Does a Man Learn to Be a Dominant? Are you a slave, sububmissive, bottom or masochist? Or are you a master, dominant, top, or sadist? Or are you just BDSM curious? Regardless, you will be enthralled by The Mastery of Mastery. This is a story about a thirtyish inexperienced dominant�s (Dudley) search for the perfect sub. When Dudley meets Sophia, sparks fly. She is a submissive and he has long fantasized about dominating a woman. They have en erotic and intense spanking session. They both feel they�re perfect for one another and start dating, exploring each other sexually, bondage, caning, humiliation, and more. But, Dudley becomes overconfident of his own abilities and confuses rank with worth, beginning to have affairs with other submissive women. Sophia leaves him, and Dudley begins a quest that involves him with a succession of women with an urge to submit and become sex slaves, as he seeks to learn what it really takes, and means, to be a master. In the process, Dudley will meet June, a painslut, Louise, a young woman curious to explore role playing with kinky outfits and ageplay, Kim who enjoys being punished, others. In Mastery of Mastery, Dudley finally learns some of the things dominant men and submissive women are trying to find in relationships. "My goal with this book," the author writes, "has been to aim for realism. I want people who are in the scene or live the lifestyle to recognise themselves in the characters."


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