Dev's Story (Scattered Ashes #2)

PDF-file by Malika Gandhi

Dev's Story (Scattered Ashes #2) PDF ebook download Losing Rakesh changed Dev's life; his brother and hero. Every moment is spent grieving for him but one girl, his childhood love Pooja reminded him, life must go on.
Deeply in love with her, Dev proposes only to be refused. Taking a promise from her Dev travels to beautiful, scenic Simla where he explores another world and frees himself of his harrowing present.
In an unexpected turn of events, Dev finds himself facing a new love interest in the name of Payal, the daughter of his mentor. Adding to his troubles, Dev is arrested and taken to jail whilst listening to a freedom speech. Will he return home? Will he see Pooja again?

Read Dev's story, the second book in the Scattered Ashes series, a story of passion!

eBook Dev's Story (Scattered Ashes #2)

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