Rock Star! (Eva Heart, Vampire Slayer, #1)

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Eva is a half fairy, cursed to be the Vampire Slayer for the rest of her lives. In the twenty first century, vampires are out in the open and even have rights. Well, that sucks for someone who is born to kill them.

Now she must find a new venue for her talents. The shifter community has decided to reveal itself, and what better way than a live TV concert to introduce them. Eva, because of her supernatural ties and relationship, at one time with a WereLion, is asked to host the concert.

Eva's Vampire Slayer ability allows her to be a great Rock Star, and this is the story of how those two wondrous things tie together in her current life.

From Book:

Jack and Aiden both stood, shouting my name, trying to embarrass me. While I was taking my diploma I had a quick thought and grabbed the microphone, "I would like to thank my two 'special' friends from the AHRC of New York City for coming! Thanks guys, you're the best!" I waved and pointed at the boys, who ducked their heads.

Everyone in the audience turned and clapped at them. They graciously smiled and bowed, then took their seats. I giggled uncontrollably all the way down the aisle way.

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