Of Vinegar and Honey, Part IV

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Of Vinegar and Honey, Part IV PDF ebook download Part IV of the Of Vinegar and Honey romance series.

Desire is the root of all suffering . . .

He had almost made it to the top of the stairs when a movement caught his eye in the mirror on the wall, and his finger slipped off the lift button bringing it to a standstill.
The mirror was right across her open bedroom door, and the movement that caught his eye, was Maddy’s reflection. His smile suddenly froze, and then faded, because what he saw in the mirror stunned him and rendered him completely speechless.
Madelaine appeared in view wrapped only in a white towel. It was clear she’d just exited her shower since her body still glistened with droplets, and her black curls were nearly straight. In the mirror, he watched her rush to her armoire before she threw open the doors and took out a delicate spaghetti strap undershirt.
She hadn’t heard the lift, so she was completely oblivious she’d gained herself a stunned audience of one.
He held his breath. His heart was thumping hard in his chest and he felt a little dizzy. He finally exhaled as he watched a miracle unfold in the hall mirror, transforming a simple girl into a sexy goddess right before his starving eyes.

Her passion awakens . . .

She had her lashes down. With one hand, she was now using the washcloth to wipe away the musky streaks from his body, and with the other, her slender fingers carefully wiped away the pearly droplets from her face.
“I’m sorry,” he said, breathlessly. She shook her head as if to say he didn’t need to, but he wouldn’t let her get away with that. “No, Maddy,” he said, waiting for her to look at him. She looked a little embarrassed. “I really am. I didn’t mean to. I had no control.”
“I know,” she said softly. “That’s why there’s no need to apologize.” She reached by him and shut off the water as his eyes followed; watching her flushed face. “I need to get some fresh towels,” she said before she turned and left him as his lips tightened and he closed his eyes with a troubled frown. He really hoped he hadn’t offended her.
As she stood in front of the linen closet in his walk-in, she paused. She raised a hand and touched fingertips to her lips. It was as if she could still feel the thick, warm droplets of his passion lingering there. She gently wiped that corner of her mouth, and paused again. Then, with quiet curiosity, she slipped her fingertips between her lips, and closed her eyes softly, tasting him.

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