Captain Future #5 Captain Future and the Seven Space Stones

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Captain Future #5 Captain Future and the Seven Space Stones PDF ebook download Will Murray's Pulp Classics
Captain Future eBook
#5 Winter 1940

Captain Future… the Ace of Space! Born and raised on the moon, Curt Newton survived the murder of his scientist parents to become the protector of the galaxy known as Captain Future. With his Futuremen, Grag the giant robot, Otho, the shape-shifting android and Simon Wright, the Living Brain, he patrols the solar system in the fastest space ship ever constructed, the Comet, pursuing human monsters and alien threats to Earth and her neighbor planets. The exploits of Captain Future, Wizard of Science, originally appeared in the pages of Captain Future and Startling Stories magazines back in the days before NASA’s manned space program. Captain Future returns in these vintage pulp tales, reissued for today’s readers in electronic format.

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A Complete Book-Length Scientifiction Novel
Captain Future and the Seven Space Stones
by Edmond Hamilton
Curt Newton, spacefarer, and the Futuremen take off on the most thrilling treasure-hunt of all time in quest of the Solar System’s greatest prize!

These exciting pulp adventures have been beautifully reformatted for easy reading as an eBook. Will Murray’s Pulp Classics line of eBooks are of the highest quality and feature the great Pulp Fiction stories of the 1930s-1950s.

eBook Captain Future #5 Captain Future and the Seven Space Stones

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