C.J. Brown's Diamonds in the Rough

PDF-file by Ron Nichols

C.J. Brown's Diamonds in the Rough PDF ebook download When 13-year-old C.J. Brown learns that she’ll be spending her entire summer away from her friends – isolated – in a small town in central Arkansas, she is utterly despondent.

But as she begins meeting some of the rural village’s residents, C.J. discovers she possess a strange and remarkable gift. And when she befriends an eccentric, 8-year-old rock hound, she soon finds herself being led headlong into the dark and foreboding bowels of the earth.

As a greedy corporate geologist seeks to remove the residents of the small town from their land – in order to acquire the perfect water source for her client’s factory – explosive charges are set off in one of the area’s nearby caves. With that blast, C.J. and her unlikely companion must count on each other to escape from their would-be death trap – just as they appear to have discovered a remarkable cache of “Diamonds in the Rough.”

eBook C.J. Brown's Diamonds in the Rough

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