The American Civil War

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The American Civil War PDF ebook download Peter Chrisp (born 20 May 1958) is a British children's author of books on history. With over sixty books published, his various works include Blitzkrieg!, Dorling Kindersly's Ancient Egypt Revealed and Ancient Rome Revealed, The Spanish Conquests of the New World, and many more.

He first began writing history after working on the Mass-Observation archive at the University of Sussex. He has also worked as a writer on the online project "Icons of England".

Aside from his publications in literature, he is also an artist, who has exhibited collections of his cartoons and hand-drawn postcards during Brighton Festival.He is an inveterate theatre- and concert-goer, and during the Edinburgh Festival regularly views three shows a day. He collects original art works, and is a fan of Eric Ravilious and Jonny Hannah among others.

At present, Mr. Chrisp acts as one of Brighton's cultural attaches to Lewes. This is believed to be largely an honorary position. He is also being talked of as a possible future Mayor of Brighton.

eBook The American Civil War

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