Son of David

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Son of David PDF ebook download This book, despite being little, has a lot to say. It is written in a clear and accessible yet knowlegeable style, and one can feel Rabbi Dauermann's engagement and passion for Judaism and longing for a renewal of the Messianic Jewish Congregational Movement.

This book is a wake-up call that defines clearly the mission and the vision that Rabbi Dauermann has for this movement. In the first part of the book, Rabbi Dauermann describes two blind spots of the Church and the Messianic Jewish Movement respectively; in the second part, he helps the reader to understand Yeshua as the Son of David as well as the different covenants from the abrahamic to the new covenant, including the davidic covenant and their intrinsic unity. The third part tackles the question of the davidic office of Yeshua and the importance of serving the Son of David now (and not in some distant future). In the last part of the book Rabbi Dauermann proposes six steps toward rightly serving the Son of David now, centered around jewish covenantal identity.

I consider this book a must-read for all within the Messianic Jewish Movement or those interested in it: Messianc Jews, non-messianic Jews, Christians...Don't let the shortness of the book fool you, there is a lot to be pondered (and put into action!) in it.

eBook Son of David

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