Legend of Otherland

PDF-file by Chuck Kelly

Legend of Otherland PDF ebook download Bunker Charles is a bored thirteen-year-old prince who wants to break from his strict heritage and have some fun. While watching his computer screen in his room high above in the castle, he sees a pretty girl named Gittel being kidnapped by the Evil Pencinell. He tells his father who explains the sad story of how Eva partook of the forbidden potion to become the Evil Pencinell, and how she comes to the good side of Otherland on rare occasions to steal children. Bunker defies his father's wishes and along with Dillon, his favorite canfer, goes after the girl. Through hair-raising adventures to get back to the good side of Otherland, Bunker and Gittel barely escape the evil witch and her dreaded refnacs, and finally make their way home. They are both happy to be alive and look forward to more exciting adventures on the enchanted planet of Otherland.

eBook Legend of Otherland

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