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Learn Excel 2011 for Mac PDF ebook download Microsoft Excel 2011 for Mac OS X is a powerful application, but many of its most impressive features can be difficult to find.Learn Excel 2011 for Mac by Guy Hart-Davis What you'll learn The secrets of the Excel for Mac interface! How to create effective workbooks and templates How to quickly format worksheets How to perform custom calculations and formulas What kind of creative and persuasive charts How to illustrate your worksheets with SmartArt, pictures, and more What business problem solving can be done with Excel How to analyze data with pivot tables How to automate tasks with Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) Who this book is for

Beginning and intermediate users looking to get up to speed quickly with the Excel 2011 application and use it productively, both online and offline. Table of Contents Learning the Secrets of the Excel: Mac Interface Configuring Excel: Mac to Suit the Way You Work Creating Effective Workbooks and Templates Formatting Your Worksheets Quickly and Efficiently Performing Custom Calculations with Formulas Using Excel's Built-In Functions Creating Clear and Persuasive Charts Using Data Bars, Color Scales, Icon Sets, and Sparklines Illustrating Your Worksheets with SmartArt, Pictures, and More Creating Databases Using Tables Solving Business Questions with What-If Analysis, Goal Seek, and Solver Analyzing Data with PivotTables Collaborating and Sharing with Macs and Windows Automating Tasks with Macros and VBA "

eBook Learn Excel 2011 for Mac

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