Lutheran Trump Cards

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Lutheran Trump Cards PDF ebook download Lutheran Christians may have as strong a hand to play as any faith tradition in today’s world. Grounded in reality and committed to God’s grace made real in Christ, Lutherans are able to be both hopeful and realistic in a way that is unique and life-giving. But to do that, we need to have a good idea what is in our hand and how to use the cards we have been dealt. In a clear, easy to read and useful style, Daubert gives 13 ideas (Ace through Two of our Lutheran “suit”) as well as ideas on how these concepts help us understand and articulate our faith in today’s world. Each chapter contains just one key idea and is short and to the point. Plus chapters have questions for thought or discussion, making this an ideal book to read on your own or for a class or group setting as well.

Lutheran Trump Cards (from Ace through Two) are:

ACE: There is no way to God (period)
KING: Jesus reveals that God is love
QUEEN: Trusting God’s grace allows us to hope for grace for others
JACK: All the baptized have a vocation
TEN: The priesthood of all believers
NINE: Life is sacramental
EIGHT: Worship is horizontal
SEVEN: We love the Bible without worshiping it
SIX: Perfection is not the point
FIVE: Respond with freedom and gratitude
FOUR: Faith forms the church
THREE: We have an ecumenical heart
TWO: We are always watching for change

Perhaps no book is as accessible and useful for people who share a Lutheran background and want to make sense of our find ways to graciously share their faith in today’s world.

Pastor Lynn Bird said, “I got your book and took it home and read it that night. It was exactly the kinds of things we had been discussing for new members classes. I want ten more copies for all my new members’ bags here by next Sunday!”

eBook Lutheran Trump Cards

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