Evil in Carnations (A Flower Shop Mystery, #8)

PDF-file by Kate Collins

Evil in Carnations (A Flower Shop Mystery, #8) PDF ebook download The dating scene can be a killer...

Determined to help her roommate Nikki out of her singles slump, Abby Knight encourages her to give speed dating a try. Of course, Nikki wants the guy at the very bottom of Abby?s list, Jonas Treat?a.k.a. ?Treat the Cheat??and figures just one date with him couldn?t hurt. But then Jonas is found dead?and evidence points to Nikki as his killer.

To clear Nikki?s name, Abby enlists the help of her hunky ex-Army Ranger boyfriend, Marco. But Marco?s rambunctious extended family turns Abby?s hectic life into a disaster zone. With her patience seriously wilting, and a killer on the loose, Abby is determined to dig herself out of this mess?before someone buries her instead...

eBook Evil in Carnations (A Flower Shop Mystery, #8)

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