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Oh, Ezra Jack Keats—I am not worthy.Mr. Keats has been a favorite artist and voice in my reading world as far back as I can remember.As an adult though, I find myself admiring his work for different reasons.Keats can capture such realism and grit in his tales and descriptions that I just don’t see or hear in modern picture books.Like a time capsule or bubble of history, his stories hold and display actions or objects not seen in kids’ books anymore.Readers will come across shouting, fighting, and even cigarettes.Real life splashes across a Keats book.I appreciate that flavor of honesty and rhythm of life.

Apt. 3 pulls and tugs readers along with young brothers, Sam and Ben, from apartment to apartment one rainy day in search of the harmonica music flowing through the building.The music tickles their ears, inspires their imaginations, and lures the boys out on an adventure to discover the source of the mysterious music.

”He stood up suddenly, raised his harmonica to his mouth, and began to play.He played purples and grays and rain and smoke and the sounds of night.”

All my senses came out to play with this book.Mr. Keats brings this city apartment building to life with sounds, smells, and sights.Smells of dinner cooking, crying babies, yelling neighbors, grumbles, creaks, and rattles paired with the artwork’s dark shadows and smudges—make the pages feel alive with life, grit, heart and noise.Pulled me right into the book.I was right there in the hallway with Ben and Sam.

Hope you drop by for a visit.This book is a slice of the city filled with all kinds of adventure and surprises.Come see what you can find in these pages, music, and story.

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