Chu's Day at the Beach

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Chu's Day at the Beach PDF ebook download ‘Chu's Day at the Beach’ written by Neil Gaiman and illustrated by Adam Rex is a new installment in authors children book series that introduced charming young panda character to the world. This time the book subject is a trip to the beach, something that usually stays long in the memory of every toddler.

It was a hot day, and cute young panda Chu together with his family went to the beach. And like all the pandas Chu loves the beach with all the entertaining things the seaside offers – lot of sun, sea and sand.

There could be nothing that can spoil a perfect day at the beach for Chu. Or is there?

‘Chu's Day at the Beach’ is the third book in popular series for children that in previous two installments delivered nicely illustrated and beautifully told stories with which was not difficult for kids to identify with. And this time the artwork is great and the book is a real delight to browse through.

On the other hand, the story is unfortunately not at the same level of quality to which we were accustomed by the authors with their previous two sequels.

Still, this short story is good enough to be read aloud with your toddler, during the day or as a bedtime story, but I cannot avoid not mentioning once again the book illustrations that are made in such a detailed manner using many bright colors which is why we are going to fully enjoy spending the day with Chu at the beach.

Overall, for those new in series my recommendation would be to start with the first two installments – ‘Chu's Day’ and ‘Chu's First Day of School’ - that are better in terms of the story, while those that have already read those two titles can be assured that the quality of illustrations will succeed to compensate somewhat weaker story of this release.

Together with my young girl I’m really looking forward to the fourth adventures of small Chu.

eBook Chu's Day at the Beach

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