Special Ops (Brotherhood of War, #9)

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Special Ops (Brotherhood of War, #9) PDF ebook download Its a little sad to finish a series that you really love, and that's how it was with this book, the ninth and last book in the Brotherhood of War series.
What really carries this series on its shoulders -perhaps the single support that keeps the whole series from collapsing on itself - is WEB Griffin's likable, animated, realistic, and funny characters. The cast of characters changes and evolves from book to book, as he introduces new characters, kills off or forgets about others, only leaving a select few to remain throughout all of the series. This book most predominantly featured Jack Portet and "Father" Lunsford, although countless other characters are included as well - the usual cast (Felter, Lowell, etc) as well as some new faces.
Most (not quite all, unfortunately) of WEB Griffin's characters are deep, 3-dimensional, flesh-and-blood people. "Doubting" Thomas, for instance, or Sandy Felter. The series is very much character based - meaning that the series will either be great or suck based on whether the characters are great or suck. In this case, they are great, and thus the series is great.
My main problem with the cast of characters are the females. There are a few females - Liza Wood and Barbara Bellmon are the most striking examples - that are really good characters, but the rest are just flat and cardboard. WEB Griffin seems to give the same qualities to all his female characters - namely, a wry wit, patience, a will of iron, and a certain girlish side. This would work well for a character or two, like Marjorie Bellmon, but if all the females have the exact same character, that's just redundant.
Overall, a very enjoyable series, highly recommended for anyone who likes military fiction. I will definitely read this series again someday.

eBook Special Ops (Brotherhood of War, #9)

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