50 Adventures on Foot in Paris

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Christina has worked in publishing for fifteen years, toiling away as both an in-house editor (Chronicle Books, Seal Press, Night + Day city guides) and a freelance writer before joining Girl Friday Productions, a boutique editorial and writing firm. On any given day, Christina may find herself editing a historical novel, generating snappy copy for a corporate website, writing a travel piece about one of her favorite cities, or doing market research for a client's book proposal. She loves all aspects of the book business—writing, editing, research, reading, and, of course, other people who share her passion for words. Originally from San Francisco, she enjoyed stints in Seattle and Paris before finally landing in the foodie-hipster mecca of Portland, Oregon, where she lives with her husband and two energetic sons. She loves indulging in dim sum in San Francisco, dress-shopping in Brooklyn, late-night book-browsing at Powells in Portland, and doing just about anything in Paris.

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