Ebert's Little Movie Glossary

PDF-file by Roger Ebert

Ebert's Little Movie Glossary PDF ebook download Very funny and quite interesting glossary of cliches, stereotypes, and hackneyed formulas used over and over in both good and bad movies. Many are original to Ebert, who also collected many from Gene Siskel, other critics, and viewers/readers of Ebert's movie reviews.

Fruit Cart Rule: In any chase scene at an exotic locale, a fruit cart will be overturned.

Talking Killer: A killer who has the upper hand/gun, talks a lot about how psychotic they are, until the cavalry arrives to save the day.

Non-answering Pet: If someone calls their pet more than once without a response, that pet is dead!

In a Dead Teenager Movie, the girl who exposes the least skin is inevitably the only survivor.

Clint Howard scene: A token part always appears for Ron Howard's brother in any movie that Ron directs.

Universal Movie Computer Operating Laws: All computers have digital speech and/or a personality. All teenage computer users are hackers who own a modem.

eBook Ebert's Little Movie Glossary

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