Women, Sex, and Addiction

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Women, Sex, and Addiction PDF ebook download For most women, sexually addictive and sexually codependent behavior are intertwined. Sexually codependent behavior reflects basic female conditioning in our society—we are taught that a woman's power is in her sexuality, yet her sexuality is often controlled by men. Thus, sex can easily become a basic form of barter: it is the price many women pay for love and the illusion of security. The addicted woman, seeking a sense of personal power and an escape from pain, may use sex and romance as a high or as a way to feel in control, just as an alcoholic uses alcohol. Either way, however, sex never'satisfies her longing for love and self-worth.Combining remarkably candid case histories with provocative cultural analyses, Dr. Charlotte Kasl dramatically evokes both the experience of addiction and the process of recovery. She illuminates the insidious relationship between adult addiction and early abuse or neglect and explores the connections between "all "forms of addiction. Her guide to recovery is backed by a life-affirming discussion of healthy love and spiritual awareness. With this wise, compassionate book, women will learn to experience their sexuality as a source of love and positive power, and sex as an expression that honors the soul as well as the body.

eBook Women, Sex, and Addiction

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