The Tibetan Art of Healing

PDF-file by Ian Baker

The Tibetan Art of Healing PDF ebook download Like an illuminated manuscript, this extraordinarily beautiful book is both an exquisite artwork in itself and an object of profound meditation. It is based on a revered collection, long considered lost, of four-hundred-year-old Tibetan thangkas on the art of healing — astonishing paintings from which we have much to learn in our search for physical and spiritual well-being today. Rendered by Tibet's foremost traditional artist, Romio Shrestha, using the age-old technique of painting with rich minerals such as gold, lapis, and garnet, these are works of breathtaking complexity and brilliance. Down to the finest hair on a tiny figure's beard, they reward the minutest contemplation. More than this, this important book is a practical healing guide. Tibetan scholar Ian Baker guides us through the paintings, unfolding their invaluable insights to the remedy and prevention of a myriad of illnesses — including such "contemporary" ailments as stress, allergies, and heart disease — and to the link between mind and body in the search for human wholeness. "The Tibetan Art of Healing" is an unprecedented journey into healing and transformation, a volume as timely and revolutionary as it is sumptuous and exuberant.

eBook The Tibetan Art of Healing

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