Red Ink (Extreme Devotion #3)

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WOW!This is such a wonderful story.Based loosely on the life of Christian Magazine editor Li Ying, who is currently serving a prison sentence in China, this story of Yang Zhen-Li will still your heart.

Everyday in America we walk about secure in our freedoms and rights, but we often forget that there a millions of people world wide who do not have religious freedoms, who face prison sentences for serving the one true God.This story will stir you as you read of a young woman who turns her back on her party ties, including her parents for her faith.Who will not denounce her faith even though it means being separated from her child, and husband, even though it meant having her second child forcibly aborted.Yang Zhen-Li stands on her faith.This author presented this story with such clarity and vividness that you will feel the pain and struggle that Yang faced daily.

Truly a book you will not want to put down!I cried as I read this story, we truly don't understand the trials our Christian brothers and sisters over the world face.Kathi Macias has presented a faith changing book!Do not miss this book! 313 pages 5 Stars!!

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eBook Red Ink (Extreme Devotion #3)

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