Cold Friday

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Cold Friday PDF ebook download Most readers would recognize Chambers' "Witness", but few know of this posthumously gathering of essays and letters by his good friend Duncan Norton-Taylor.

The concepts are familiar, Chambers' reflections upon Communism, however this does not make it irrelevant given the legitimate end of Communism in the Cold War. To wit, Whittaker Chambers still drives the reader into foundational considerations of why should the West or even a concept of freedom garner greater appeal over fascist-Islamism or other authoritarian concepts of civil society (p 73):

But if we ask: "What is the philosophy of the West?" is there not a certain embarrassment? What is the philosophy of the West? In a war for men's minds, what is it that we are offering whose inherent force is so compulsive that it instantly seizes on the imagination of men and incites them to choose it preference to Communism? In the name of what do we expect them to rise and overthrow Communism which can be done only by an effort of incalculable suffering of — and not the suffering of faceless millions (as we so easily think of such things), but the suffering of this father or that mother who love their children whose lives, rather than their own, are the first sacrifice in so one-sided a conflict?

A foundational text, especially Chambers' "The Direct Glance."

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