Body Image and the Media eBook

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Body Image and the Media eBook PDF ebook download Body Image and the Media provides a balanced look at a hot-button topic. Explore the pros and cons of the idealized portrayal of people in different types of media, what effects this has on a boy's or girl's body image, the dangers of a negative body image, and what people do to change their bodies (including eating disorders and cosmetic surgery), as well as the influence of parents and peers on a person's body image. Full-color photos, a glossary, an index, sidebars, primary source documents, and other creative content enhance the book. It also includes prompts and activities that directly engage students in developing the reading, writing, and critical thinking skills required by the Common Core standards. This well-researched title has a credentialed content consultant and aligns with Common Core and state standards. Core Library is an imprint of ABDO Publishing Company.

eBook Body Image and the Media eBook

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