The Matarese Circle (Matarese #1)

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The Matarese Circle (Matarese #1) PDF ebook download The Materese Circle was a first for me in many ways.

It was my first Robert Ludlum, the first time I fell in love with a spy, with Russia and with the world of espionage.

And what a world that was!

This book was originally written long before I was born, in 1979, so unlike the current crop of thrillers that have cutting edge techie stuff going for them (futuristic in case of James Bond), this book focuses more on the basic hardcore ways to survive, mutilate, escape or attack. The spies use their hands and their heads much more. The focus is on people - how to manipulate them, how they manipulate you back, the psychology of corruption and violence.... you get the point.

The best part about this epic novel are the two protagonists American intelligence officer Brandon Scofield and Russian KGB agent Vasilisi Talenikov. They hate each other. They would happily put a mark of blood on each other. And they have to work together against the greater enemy!! Those moments alone will have you breathing hard. Putting your life in the hands of a lesser enemy is all the excitement you need!(and by lesser I mean someone who has tried to kill you & your loved ones in the past)

A tiny thing about the villain. He is so real that he gives you the chills just when his name peeks through the pages. A tiny word about his character sketch -Awesome.

This is my favorite Robert Ludlum. Followed by the The Bourne Trilogy.

Just as a fun activity, monitor your heart rate while reading Matarese Circle (there is an app on iphone, oh, the technology) I promise it will jump and skip as you travel through the pages.

Mine did. (Shivers with happy pleasure) :D

eBook The Matarese Circle (Matarese #1)

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