In The Wake of Sir Francis Drake, Volume 4, Drake In England

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In The Wake of Sir Francis Drake, Volume 4, Drake In England PDF ebook download The first topographical Drake biography – the only biography to describe every landfall, anchorage, trail and town worldwide.
There are hundreds of Drake biographies but this one is unique. Michael Turner, a Sherlock Holmes of the sea, has now written the first Drake biography that solely explores Drake’s life and careers ashore. Readers will be surprised to discover Drake’s other achievements as a property magnate, merchant, gentleman farmer, civil and military engineer, member of the judiciary and Member of Parliament. Michael is the first Drake author to go beyond the archives to test the entire primary sources around England. The text is laced with research techniques, ground-breaking discoveries and unconventional adventures in reaching all the Drake places in England. This book reveals the ultimate geographical Drake knowledge, written on location by an intrepid traveller with a Drake's-eye view. The Drake scholar and the armchair traveller alike will learn much and enjoy this book.
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It has taken thirty-two years to write this authorative biography because I had to conduct new research before visiting all the Drake locations to complete the story. Since 1980 I have composed 350,000 words divided into five volumes. This is the first biography to put Drake's achievements into a geographical context by land and sea, and at home and abroad. This book is the pinnacle of accuracy and thoroughness which is assured by the support of other Drake scholars.
Each location is lavishly written from the primary sources – often whilst in the field to provide a greater feel of ambience. I have included my research techniques and efforts to reach the often unknown Drake locations. I hope my sleuthing will also attract readers who enjoy travel mysteries, especially if they wish to visit some of the Drake sites.
Some archival and field studies have recently revealed: the site of Sidbury Manor, Drake’s visits to Bridgwater and Yeovil and locating the remnants of Drake’s medieval London. I literally went the extra mile by reconstructing and photographing Drake’s journeys by horse of over 550 miles throughout southern England. Therefore this extremely detailed and objective biography contains new geographical Drake information that can only be assembled through fieldwork. This is not just unique coverage of Drake’s busy life ashore but is the final dimension at the cutting edge of history.
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eBook In The Wake of Sir Francis Drake, Volume 4, Drake In England

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