The Gospel in the World

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The Gospel in the World PDF ebook download Some of the leading Baptist historians from around the globe offer perspectives on four centuries of Baptist history and thought. This volume of essays from the First International Conference on Baptist Studies deals with a range of subjects spanning Britain, North America, Europe, Asia and the Antipodes. Held at Regent's Park College, Oxford, in August 1997, topics include studies on religious tolerance, the communion controversy and the development of the international Baptist community, and concludes with two important essays on the future of Baptist life that pay special attention to the United States. Contributors include N. T. Ammerman, W. H. Brackney, J. Coffey, T. Cupit, M. Dowling, T. George, M. A. G. Haykin, T. Larsen, B. J. Leonard, D. E. Meek, R. V. Pierard, I. M. Randall, P. Spanu, B. Stanley, and A. Walls.

eBook The Gospel in the World

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