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How do you know it is Christmas time? Is it the smell of your tree, the egg nog, mistletoe or holly? Each of these stories is based on a Christmas theme, but the characters here find love…

The authors in this anthology do a very good job of describing the scene the story is set in. The stories are short, but each reads well and has enough detail to flesh the story out. They are established authors and clearly know how to tell a tale.

The first story is an updated version of O. Henry’s Gift of the Magi, which is a story I’ve always loved. This fresh look at an old story is done very well, and will make you smile before the end. Real love is hard to find, but this couple has it.

Wings in Love was a fun read. Take a cowboy who works construction and mix him with an interior decorator and then add true love. Watching these two misunderstand each other will make you laugh and comment out loud.

A Christmas Surprise is truly a unique story. The author takes a devastating loss (a kidnapped child) and a guilty sister who runs away from home and turns it into a positive story with a happy ending. It gets your blood running while you read about the main character’s adventures and troubles. And you aren’t sure just how the ending is going to work out… You won’t be bored.

Mistletoe and Holly was my favorite story in the group. Meet a modern day Scrooge who gets snowbound in the vet clinic with one of Santa’s elves. Yes, it’s funny. And, yes, he mellows out a bit.

None of these stories disappoint. All the authors write well and choose interesting situations. Why not pick up a copy for yourself and read it by fire while drinking hot chocolate (or maybe a bit of eggnog)? You won't regret it!

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