After Hours

PDF-file by Robin Renee Ray

After Hours PDF ebook download Day in and day out Jeanette, better known to her friends as Jen, did what she was told to do every work day. A boring repetitious routine of cubical bullshit. After hours, however, had become a different form of lifestyle since the night she had been bitten by a ‘She-Demon’ that came from for the depths of Hell itself.

Unfortunately there were things that Jen would have to do to earn her hellish wings to truly become the Right-Hand to her new earth bound Demon Queen. And no longer have to deal with the world where she had to go by the rule of nine to five. The question is…can she use her sensual side and take the lives of those who corrupt the world, and then commit that one final act and find the will to kill an innocent…or will the strands of her humanity cause her to remain in between the two worlds forever?

eBook After Hours

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