Rotten Ralph

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Rotten Ralph PDF ebook download I decided to read Rotten Ralph today because of my Aunt Lois.Today would be her birthday.On one of her visits, we had this book checked out from the library, and she found it absolutely hilarious!I can still hear her saying, "You are rotten, Ralph!"So in memory of Aunt Lois, the kindest and most wonderful of aunts, here goes.

Aunt Lois was right - this is hilarious.Ralph is the rottenest cat you can imagine.Before you read a word of the story, you can see in the cover illustration that he has taken the head off his owner's doll.But it gets worse as you read.He makes fun of Sarah when she practices ballet, he ruins her party, he chases mother's birds.And as if reading about his evil exploits were not enough, Nicole Rubel has drawn a devil-red cat with a nasty, leering expression.People cower at his rottenness.A fun book.

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