Slaves of the Volcano God (Cineverse Cycle #1)

PDF-file by Craig Shaw Gardner

Slaves of the Volcano God (Cineverse Cycle #1) PDF ebook download Holy crap, I hated this book. It's been sitting on my bookshelf for probably nearly 20 years, and I think I may have forgotten that I hadn't read it, because it wasn't familiar to me at all. I certainly would have remembered hating it this much and doing what I want to do now, which is to get it back over to Recycled ASAP.

I'm a fan of the genre spoof books (think National Lampoon's Doon, Robert Asprin's Myth series), and on the surface, this looked to be in the same vein. Since I can't really describe any of the plot without giving away one of the key elements of the story (and series, as there is at least one other book, which I have and guarantee will not read), I will say that the author had a novel idea for approaching this universe he created, but it just didn't come out like I had hoped. About halfway through the book, I was pretty much done, as I didn't care for the characters, didn't care for the struggles they were up against, and really didn't care what happened next. I did force myself to finish it, though, basically from a morbid curiosity about how much worse it could get. And boy did it. The "ending" was a complete farce, as the whole thing was really just a setup to get you to read the second book (see my earlier not about not ever doing so, so the ploy failed miserably).

If you're a true fan of genre spoof fiction, run, don't walk, away from this book and series. I frankly don't care how much the used bookstore gives me in credit for this book, because I simply want it out of my library. And boy do I wish I could unread something. Yow.

eBook Slaves of the Volcano God (Cineverse Cycle #1)

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