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Fiesta! PDF ebook download Anya von Bremzen was born in Russia and grew up in the United States.She is fluent in both Spanish and Portuguese and has traveled extensively in both Iberia and Latin America.Herself an eclectic woman, she set out to write an eclectic book about the foods of both Latin America and related dishes in Spain and Portugal.She also discusses the ethnic migrations which account, for example, for the German and Italian influences in Argentinean cooking.Because many similar dishes are known by different names in different Latin American countries, she identifies these by their several names.In keeping with the title of the book, the next-to-last chapter is keyed to those foods associated with various Roman Catholic holidays.She devotes considerable attention to how to find authentic ingredients in the US and to appropriate substitutions.She also offers small digressions which trace the history of Latin music and dancing which, while irrelevant, are interesting.I never read a book describing cooking with banana leaves which told me: "You can also iron them with a regular iron, set on low." (p. 380)This is a useful book out of which I have cooked a number of recipes already and to which I will frequently return.

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