Kudisha (Journey to Rehnor)

PDF-file by J. Naomi Ay

Kudisha (Journey to Rehnor) PDF ebook download Karukan de Kudisha was never meant to be king. With two older brothers and three older sisters, Karukan was the baby of the family, and the most pampered of all of Karupatani’s princes. Unfortunately, despite his lack of desire to mount the familial throne, Fate decided otherwise, propelling him to the top.
Once there, the normally reserved and introspective new king was forced to deal with the ongoing war. After centuries of battling the people of Hahr, the only way Karukan could foresee ending the continuous bloodshed was with complete and total nuclear annihilation.
That was just a bluff though, a ruse. Surely, his counterpart King Marikiis Kalila of Hahr wouldn’t believe Karukan would ever make such a disastrous decision.
How then did it come to the point where Karukan and his little family found themselves propelling off into outer space in search of a new planet to begin life again?

Set a thousand years before the Two Moons of Rehnor series, Journey to Rehnor is a series of novella sized (15,000 – 20,000 word) episodes which follow the adventures of the Karupatani royal family, as well as those of the Duke of Shrotru, and Duke of Kirkut as they travel from their decimated home planet of Rozari to a new life on the planet Rehnor.

eBook Kudisha (Journey to Rehnor)

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