Single in the Church

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Single in the Church PDF ebook download Choosing your mate will be one of the most important decisions you will ever make. It will require in-depth thought and divine wisdom. Many suitors will enter your environment as you matriculate through life. In addition, Christians will face many trials and tests as they wade through the clutter of relationships to determine who the right person may be. During this process, they will be faced with temptations ranging from premarital sex to homosexuality. However, if they maintain a close relationship to God victory will be wrought. Throughout this work, Dr. Carter answers a myriad of questions that the Christian may have regarding the plan and purpose God has regarding their future spouse. Dr. Carter has, without a doubt, given the Christian man and woman a river of living water to draw and use as they move progressively toward achieving the optimal results God would have for their lives.

eBook Single in the Church

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