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Feed Your Parents Well -- CANCELLED PDF ebook download What if the biggest threat to our seniors’ health and longevity isn’t the rising cost of medicare or prescription drugs but the basic quality and accessibility of food?

The over-65 population is expected to swell to 72 million by 2015. But today, nearly a quarter of all
seniors assisted by the federal government do not have enough money to purchase adequate food, and the quality of the food they are able to afford—cheap and heavily processed—is shockingly poor. For those who can afford to eat well, isolation, physical limitations, depression, medication, and changing nutritional needs all take their toll on diet and nutrition, whether in institutions or in the home.

In Feed Your Parents Well, James Beard Award– winning author elissa altman issues a wake-up call about this looming social crisis. Combining poignant narrative storytelling with rigorous journalism, altman rallies readers with a multipoint plan to ignite social change and literally bring our seniors to the table. She also enriches the book with 20 healthy and simple “primary recipes” that are designed with seniors in mind. The result is a galvanizing call to action for anyone who is (or almost is) a senior or has a senior in their lives. It is nothing less than our moral duty to care for our seniors.

eBook Feed Your Parents Well -- CANCELLED

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