Everyday Evangelism (Everyday Church Series Book 1)

PDF-file by Ryan J. Pelton

Everyday Evangelism (Everyday Church Series Book 1) PDF ebook download Evangelism is not a fad, program, or event.It's a way of life.

It's time the church wakes up from faddish, programatic, and event driven evangelism. We need a return to the ancient, simple, and effective way of doing evangelism, like Jesus. A kind of evangelism requiring no special knowledge, skill, or theological degrees.

The only tools a humble attitude, prayerful spirit, and an open table.

Imagine a church where evangelism was part of the culture, not a course. Imagine Christians engaging in evangelism weekly within the everyday rhythms of life. Imagine a non-manipulative, fearless, and powerful way to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Such is the way presented here in this short book. No programs. Hype. And, quite possibly, a fresh way for evangelism to become a joy, rather than burden.

Scroll up and grab a copy today.

eBook Everyday Evangelism (Everyday Church Series Book 1)

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