Manhunt (Bill Travis, #20)

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Manhunt (Bill Travis, #20) PDF ebook download I was born in East Texas and spent most of my life there, principally around the Bryan and College Station area. I moved to Austin, Texas, in 2002 and shortly thereafter began writing The Bill Travis Mystery series. I currently live in Austin with my lovely wife, Sallie, along with two cats and two dogs.

Writing is both my avocation and my vocation, but to add to these I play both classical violin and country fiddle, and I dabble in art (mostly drawing and painting), photography, and book cover design.

I began writing in earnest in 1986, although I have been creatively writing far longer than that, practically since I could read (at a very formative age.) I find that I have far more ideas than I could ever write down, and so I pick and choose only the best story ideas. I write what I, myself, like to read, and nothing more.

eBook Manhunt (Bill Travis, #20)

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