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PARTS & LABOR PDF ebook download PARTS & LABOR:The Adventures of Max Dugan
A novel for middle-grade children

Max Dugan, 10, is a fourth-grader battling bullies at school and his emotions at home; his father deployed to Afghanistan and did not return.His mother, Kate, a labor-and-delivery nurse, struggles to maintain the family, which also includes Scarlett, 14, and Maddy, 4.The therapist says they are not coping well.In fact, the Dugan family is a mess—until a strange boy named Norbert moves in next door and changes their lives in more ways than they could ever imagine.

About the authors

Mark Gimenez is the author of six novels:THE COLOR OF LAW, THE ABDUCTION, THE PERK, THE COMMON LAWYER, ACCUSED, and THE GOVERNOR'S WIFE.Cole Gimenez is a seventh-grader.They live in Texas.


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