A Rose Among Thorns (The Rose of Lancaster County #4)

PDF-file by Murray Pura

A Rose Among Thorns (The Rose of Lancaster County #4) PDF ebook download Once her best friend is arrested and jailed on a charge of witchcraft Rose Lantz's life begins to unravel like thread from a quilt. The jailhouse where Lydia Belier is imprisoned is cold and bleak, the sheriff harsh and bitter, and Rose is made to feel as unwelcome as possible for trying to bring her friend love and comfort. She is asked to prepare to stand as a witness on Lydia's behalf at the coming trial even though doing so will bring the wrath of the English community down upon her head. On top of all that, her heart is torn over what to do about handsome and courageous Ethan Daniels who comes to the farm more and more frequently and who is very open about the feelings he has for her. And to make matters even more difficult and confusing than they already are, her fiancé Juerg returns from his fall hunt with a ultimatum that will break her heart and break her spirit whether she agrees to his demands or whether she does not.

eBook A Rose Among Thorns (The Rose of Lancaster County #4)

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