Hunted Intensity (Primal Attractions, #4.5)

PDF-file by Rebecca Airies

Hunted Intensity (Primal Attractions, #4.5) PDF ebook download A story set in the same world as the Primal Attraction series.

Stranded at a cabin on the mountain by a fierce storm, Tori Cha’Nesat doesn’t expect to meet a gorgeous but apparently intoxicated shifter. Tyson’s amorous attentions leave her wanting more, but she’s torn between giving in to the hot desire, and guilt over hungering to be with him when he doesn’t know her.

Tyson followed his mate’s scent to a cabin, but his instincts are almost completely in control. Something’s wrong, but he can’t focus beyond her. He wants to make love and bond with Tori until she realizes she belongs with him. As the drug’s effects begin to fade, he can think beyond the raging need. He needs to get her to safety before his enemies destroy their chance at happiness.

eBook Hunted Intensity (Primal Attractions, #4.5)

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