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Pray TV PDF ebook download This book is extremely valuable to my work in its discussions of: the cyclical nature of the conservative message of success with a growing audience (like my social media research), his response to the work of Frankl, and his discussion on the spread of evangelicalism in Latin America.Bruce begins with the historical background of Protestant use of the media.He argues that conservative Protestantism translates much better to media marketing because of their narrow worldview and intolerance of other perspectives.By keeping a consistent, unwavering position, conservatives have a clear message that can be successfully broadcast. He describes how ordinary people were responsible for the perpetuation of televangelism's success.Bruce uses Weber's analysis on power and authority as a foundation for his analysis.

Bruce responses to the work of Razelle Frankl's book, Televangelism, and its claim that the charismatic nature of televangelists is no longer responsible for its success.Bruce believes Frankl does not account for the wide variety of televangelist styles nor the continued ability of the televangelist to make unilateral decisions.He also speaks generally to issues of audience (later discussed by Ang) which claims, class is a strong predictor of religious viewing with lower-class Americans more likely to watch it.The most conservative Christians are the most likely to watch religious programming.Televangelists are preaching to the choir, so to speak, as most of the audience are already "believers" and the content tends to reinforce their beliefs and confirming social stereotypes.

Bruce demonstrates how conservative Protestantism has accommodated the modern world as much as liberals.He describes how Pentecostals downplayed their speaking in tongues and even the healing elements in favor of general therapeutic messages.At this time, evangelism was still the primary goal (although my research shows how this is shifting).He calls this phenomenon "partial secularization" (95).In the end, Bruce claims conversion is not generally accomplished through televangelism, but through existing relationship.Televangelists are preaching to the choir.

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