Libertarian Papers, Vol. 4 (2012)

PDF-file by N. Stephan Kinsella

Libertarian Papers, Vol. 4 (2012) PDF ebook download Libertarian Papers (, Volume 4 (2012). Article Numbers 1-16. Edited by Matt McCaffrey, University of Angers; Executive Editor: Stephan Kinsella ( Contents: 1. "The Role of Work: A Eudaimonistic Perspective" by Michael F. Reber 2. "The Internal Contradictions of Recognition Theory" by Nahshon Perez 3. "Norms and the NAP" by Kris Borer 4. "Recompense for Fear: Is Forced Russian Roulette Just?" by David B. Robins 5. "Man and Matter: How the Former Gains Ownership of the Latter" by Per Bylund 6. "Francis Wemyss-Charteris-Douglas: Champion of Late-Victorian Individualism" by Alastair M. Paynter 7. "Book Review: Lewis D. Solomon The Privatization of Space Exploration" by Timothy D. Terrell 8. "Christian Anarchism: Communitarian or Capitalist?" by Alexander W. Salter 9. "All Probabilistic Methods Assume a Subjective Definition of Probability" by Mark R. Crovelli 10. "The Image of the Entrepreneur and the Language of the Market: Robert A. Taft, Market Rhetoric, and Political Argument, 1933-1944" by Clarence E. Wunderlin, Jr. 11. "Kymlicka on Libertarianism: A Response" by J.C. Lester 12. "Mises' Calculation Argument: A Clarification" by Dan Mahoney 13. "A Critical Commentary on Kukathas's 'Two Constructions of Libertarianism'" by J.C. Lester 14. "The State is an Enemy of Science: A Review of Terence Kealey's The Economic Laws of Scientific Research" by Kris Borer 15. "Is There a 'Libertarian' Justification of the Welfare State? A Critique of James P. Sterba" by James Rolph Edwards 16. "Libertarianism, Feminism, and Nonviolent Action: A Synthesis" by Grant Babcock

eBook Libertarian Papers, Vol. 4 (2012)

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