Behavioral Finance

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Behavioral Finance PDF ebook download A definitive guide to the growing field of behavioral financeThis reliable resource provides a comprehensive view of behavioral finance and its psychological foundations, as well as its applications to finance. Comprising contributed chapters written by distinguished authors from some of the most influential firms and universities in the world, "Behavioral Finance" provides a synthesis of the most essential elements of this discipline, including psychological concepts and behavioral biases, the behavioral aspects of asset pricing, asset allocation, and market prices, as well as investor behavior, corporate managerial behavior, and social influences.Uses a structured approach to put behavioral finance in perspectiveRelies on recent research findings to provide guidance through the maze of theories and conceptsDiscusses the impact of sub-optimal financial decisions on the efficiency of capital markets, personal wealth, and the performance of corporations

Behavioral finance has quickly become part of mainstream finance. If you need to gain a better understanding of this topic, look no further than this book.

eBook Behavioral Finance

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