Superfoods for Life, Coconut

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Superfoods for Life, Coconut PDF ebook download Coconuts have been used for thousands of years in traditional medicine for their healing and beautifying properties, as well as being used in anti-viral and anti-bacterial products. Coconuts also show promise in stabilizing blood sugar and as a natural weight loss aid. This unique superfood can even be made into flour and used in gluten-free cooking and baking. "Superfoods for Life, Coconut" shows you how to integrate coconut meat, milk, oil, butter, and flour into your diet with 75 delicious recipes for incredible health. This handy guide provides an overview of coconuts, fun history and facts and its reputed nutritional benefits, along with a focus on key nutritional properties and cures associated with coconuts (detoxification, weight loss, super immunity, disease fighting, and beauty to name a few). Each chapter references studies and research. There are so many ways to use coconut - the possibilities for cooking and healing are endless!

eBook Superfoods for Life, Coconut

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