A Mom for Callie

PDF-file by Laura Bradford

A Mom for Callie PDF ebook download Betsy Anderson isn't the sort of woman to leave home and travel 1,200 miles because of a feeling. But something about the photo of a certain bridge in Cedar Creek has stirred up buried emotions. And meeting gorgeous cop Kyle Brennan—a man with the broadest shoulders she's ever seen in or out of uniform—awakens feelings of a deliciously different kind….

All Kyle wants is to serve and protect his Illinois small town and be a good father to his young daughter. Now Betsy's making the guarded single dad realize he wants more…a lot more. If only the plucky widow weren't so gun-shy about trusting her heart to another law-enforcement officer. Is Betsy ready to take a risk—maybe the biggest one of all?

eBook A Mom for Callie

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