Unending Love (Unbreakable Love Series Book 2)

PDF-file by Yesenia Vargas

Unending Love (Unbreakable Love Series Book 2) PDF ebook download It's the senior year of high school. Ariana has a second chance at love, and this time, with a much better guy, Lucas.

She also sends off her application to her dream college knowing Lucas can't afford to go anywhere but the community college in their hometown. If she can get in and afford to go herself (and that's a big if), Ariana will have a tough choice to make.

Attending community college with Lucas or leaving him and everyone else behind to head off to the University of Georgia.

Which regret will she choose? Not going to the school of her dreams or possibly ruining her relationship with the guy of her dreams? Meanwhile, Ariana's brother, Jimmy, and best friend, Mayra, contemplate the idea of giving each other a chance.

eBook Unending Love (Unbreakable Love Series Book 2)

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