In the Maine Woods

PDF-file by Alice Arlen

In the Maine Woods PDF ebook download Unique to Maine, and part of a 150-year-old tradition, Maine sporting camps are typically family-owned affairs with a central dining lodge serving home-cooked meals, and individual rental cabins set along a lakeshore. Scattered throughout the state, no two camps are exactly alike: some are easily accessible and offer a full range of outdoor activities for families; others are deep in the Maine woods and ideal for a fishing retreat. This guide, full of factual details and stories, is a much-needed resource on these increasingly popular wilderness hideaways.Activities available at the sporting camps include fishing, hunting, boating, hiking, cross-country skiing, snowmobiling, birding, and moose-watching. Many of the camps are open year-round. At-a-glance headings describe how to get there, what to bring, rates, and a description of the facilities and accommodations. The author's interviews with sporting camp owners add history, humor, and a full portrait of a unique and much-loved way of life.

eBook In the Maine Woods

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